Thursday, January 21, 2010

Made myself a blog

Hello, welcome to my stories about the DMV (see: and my experiences I've had.
I think a recurring theme of this blog is going to be how much easier things can be if you just make sure you're prepared before you actually go to the DMV office. I've spent my fair share of time waiting in lines and being turned off by rude and stubborn DMV clerks and I see everyone else getting the same mediocre treatment. So, the last few times I've decided to go ahead and made an internet search or two in order to find a better solution to being stuck in line all the time. Most of the time I find the actual state run DMV portals to be worse than useless for the average driver. You can't get the answer you need quickly and the design and layout seem to be from the mid 90s. Recently I've run across the site (visit: and things are now easier.

Looking East, Or A Day at the DMV by Diskow Moskow

There are enough dangers on the road without having to deal about the DMV as well. So, I make it a point to leave that stress with some good techniques I've developed (no they are not yoga although that may help). Looking at this DMV (click: site is easy.
Anyway, this is what I'm going to be addressing in a lot of my pending posts so be sure to participate and tell your stories too.

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